Casa da Feira

"La Casa da Feira" is a typical large house of the mountain villages of southern Galicia, which has in its construction quality materials in the region. It was built in 1874 at the Quinta de San Martino, away from the main house, but next to the esplanade of the fair, which gave name. This fair is held monthly, every day 24. At the same time, it was built the House of Oil, where it was kept a mill and an oil press until the mid-twentieth century.

Casa da feira ground that this house was protected from poor families who paid for their accommodation and support to work in the fifth, which was produced especially oil, corn and wine.

After several decades in ruins, was rebuilt between the years (2007 - 2009) and transformed into a farmhouse, a restaurant and entertainment center.

Its location, a mile short of the capital of Lobios, overlooking the Sierra del Xurés is an excellent starting point for, in either direction, to find reasons of interest - north Entrimo Mountain, east of interesting A Watered villages, Sampaio, A Cela, etc, to the south the best of the Transfrontier Park, (Baixa Limia and Peneda Geres National Park), and West villages Manin, or Compostela, to the historic village of Lindoso and in Portugal.

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Here, the only thing missing is no reason ....

The Casa da Feira and his team are waiting ....!

Lugar da Portaxe nº 9

32870 - San Martiño
Lobios - Ourense

Tlfs: (+34) 988 448 138  - (+34) 697 689 635

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